What one woman did for her son

I would like you to meet Sara.
Sara is a famous German columnist, author and actress.
Sara suffered with bulimia for 12 years and had given up on recovery.
Until one day they threatened to take away her son and
she realised she had something worthing fighting for. 

Not only did Sara recover using the Bulimia Help Method,
she then wrote a book about it…
which then became a best seller in her home country Germany. 

Pretty inspirational stuff.

In this open and honest interview Sara talks about:
– Her struggle with living with bulimia
– How her fear of losing her child motivated her for recovery
– How she applied the Bulimia Help Method to her life
– And the exciting new project she is working on right now. 

Watch and post a comment to let me know what you think

View Sara’s Kickstarter Project Here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saraschaetzl/a-d-d-i-c-t-a-short-film-to-educate-and-protect

2 Responses to “What one woman did for her son”

  1. Caroline on

    Wow – what a lovely lady, so warm and inspiring. It moved me to tears that she wants to reach out and help other sufferers, especially young people who are under such tremendous social pressure in today’s world and who feel they must fit a ridiculous and unreal ‘ideal’ image.

  2. Susana on


    I loved the interview. Her honesty and real answers, truly inspirational. I also liked the her movie project, I think it’s great! The first thing I thought about it was WOU, Maybe my family can see what I’ve been through without having to put myself out there all vulnerable and use wrong words and explanations.

    But I don’t agree in one of her standards. I think there is nothing wrong about VS (Victorias Secret) models, there is nothing “wrong” about anyone or any stereotype, differences is what we have to cope within this society. Yes, It is sad that beauty is so skinny and Yes it is triggering but, even if you add on 20 pounds on VS girls.. they will be a target somehow impossible to aim; for most of us. I think that the most important message or learning of the movie shouldn’t be to change stereotypes (of course I t should be a very important topic) but the MAIN message, would have it’s best if Bulimia Help decides to release a movie to INFORM, show methods, true guidance to embrace differences within ourselves, there will aaaaalways be a model you can’t live up to. The truly meaningful goal; I believe, is to guide people not to live up to any models but to work your hardest on being the best model of yourself. That’s the meaningful Challenge. I am not there yet, not recovered completely but trying, and I think trust in myself is what I need help with.


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