Binge analyzer

You may want to print this off and keep a copy of the questions handy

A key part of recovery involves beginning to understand the motives behind our binge behavior. Only when we understand the motives behind binge urges, can we create more effective strategies and solutions for dealing with them.

Many people have no idea why they develop sudden binge urges, but one of the most common reasons for them, besides physical hunger, is the need to cover up or disguise a difficult emotion or feeling.

Of course every one of us is different, we all have our own binge triggers and after completing this exercise you may find that a combination of factors attribute to your binge urges. But no matter what the trigger, remember this -  in recovery knowledge is power.

When you become aware of what is causing your binge urges you will be in a much better position to do something about them. 


binge analyzerWhen you feel a binge come on, it's time to start searching for those answers!

Step 1

As soon as you recognize a binge urge immediately say STOP!  loudly in your mind, then take in a large deep breath of fresh air and let it out slowly.

Step 2

Ask yourself: Have I been dieting? Depriving myself of food? Or not eating regular meals recently?

If the answer is no then continue on with the search. If the answer is yes then this may be the reason you feel the need to binge. It is useful to learn to address your physical needs before you address your emotional triggers by implementing a structured eating plan into your recovery. 

Step 3

Go through these questions one by one, answering them as honestly and in as much detail as you possibly can:

1. What do I really honestly want from binging?

2. What has happened recently to bring such feelings on?

3. Have I been in this situation before and how did I previously deal with it? Did I deal with it effectively?

4. If I could imagine the perfect solution to this problem what would it be? What would it look like? What would it feel like?

5. What have I done to ease this discomfort so far?

6. What else can I do? (try to list as many answers as possible)

7. If I choose to binge how will I feel when I am binging?

8. If I choose to binge how will I feel afterwards?

9. Can I avoid this trigger, or deal with it better in the future?

10. Do I really need to binge and purge? 

Tips & Advice
  • Think about each question for a minute and really try to understand the true answer. This will be difficult at the start because you will want to bury those difficult feelings and emotions, but really try to persevere with it!

  • There is no such thing as good or bad feelings, we are humans and we all feel a wide range of complex emotions, some difficult, some not. If you experience any difficult feelings during in this exercise, remember it's just a feeling. 

  • You may feel frustration when trying to do this exercise and may be attempted to abandon it. Again this is another method of avoiding uncomfortable feelings, please do try to stick with it.

  • All the questions are important, so try not to skip any.

  • In the beginning you may find yourself giving simplistic answers but overtime, as you start to gain more insight into your motivations and triggers, your answers will become more detailed and telling.

  • The physical act of performing this exercise can often give you enough time to distance yourself from those overwhelming urges.

  • If you have successfully avoided a binge don't forget to acknowledge your achievement and congratulate yourself!

  • Understand that it’s okay if this exercise alone doesn’t help you to avoid a binge. Learn to realize that the process of uncovering your “binge-triggers” is still extremely valuable progress on the road to recovery. 


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thank u for sharing this with us, and i want to say how brave u r to embarce such
a comment and let it go. it shows how progress u did make in ur recovery:)
keep going and dont let anybody hold you back..

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I think I've successfully overcome my binge urge. you guys can

I felt awful for posting comments on someone's wall. I kept dwelling on it and all I wanted to do was binge to make those feelings go away. when I did finish this tool on page, I no longer needed to feel the urge to binge, but I will have my snack, which is an apple because my body tells me i need some kind of food.

However, I realized I may have made a scare posting the thing on my status. Being bulimic for so many years, I really am enjoying being honest. My impulses could be refrained, but I think that will come in time.

What do you guy's think?

I answered all these questionaires:

1. What do I really honestly want from binging?
I want to throw up! Throwing up makes me feel so good!

2. What has happened recently to bring such feelings on?
-The guilt someone misinterpreted and posted on my wall, I know it's not her fault, but it really made a huge impact on me when she told me I was judging her. Again, it is not her fault, it was the misinterpretation, which I have to understand next time.

3 Have I been in this situation before and how did I previously deal with it? Did I deal with it effectively?
-I ran away and binged and purged.

4. If I could imagine the perfect solution to this problem what would it be? What would it look like? What would it feel like?
-There's no perfect solution, but there is a compromising one, understand it is not my fault she is going through a tough time too. I know I can't be friends with everyone and sometimes that is how life is. Nothing is perfect.

5. What have I done to ease this discomfort so far?
-What I've done is complete this questionair, eat my late afternoon snack, which were beans, rice and beef strips, the reast of my lunch, really.

6. What else can I do? (try to list as many answers as possible)
-chew gum, reading, talk to a friend, knit, video games, walk, play with make-up, draw and gardening.

7. If I choose to binge how will I feel when I am binging?
-lol, I feel like a slob, messy, shame, guilt and stupidity

8. If I choose to binge how will I feel afterwards?
-simply put, like shit and I will vomit. The people I will be helping will have to continue to wait because i chose this day to self destruct!

9. Can I avoid this trigger, or deal with it better in the future?
To not blame myself. People are allowed to feel upset, but to not allow it to get to me. I have to build a thicker skin, but I also care for those suffering.

10. Do I really need to binge and purge?
-Not anymore

I am measured by value, not by success!

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thank you

Thanks for posting this comment. Today is my first day on the site. I've never joined a site like this before. But I think it's time I do something. It's finally time I stop being self destructive. You helped me see some clarity in these questions and how they can really help when I feel the need to binge.

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