Postpone a binge for 5 minutes

Some activity to distract you for 5 minutes

postpone binge

A really successful technique for avoiding a binge is to challenge yourself to postpone binge eating for 5 minutes!


Step 1

If you are feeling the need to binge try to postpone it for 5 minutes. Tell yourself that you can go back to it in a few minutes, but first you are going to call someone or write a few lines in your success journal.

Now: Do anything to distract you for 5 whole minutes.

Step 2

After 5 minutes asses how you feel. If the urge to binge is still strong try to postpone it for another 5 minutes. 

Step 3

Continue to postpone the binge for 5 minute intervals until the urge disappears or you decide to binge. Remember, even if you do binge, postponing a binge is a big step in the right direction. Next time try to go for a little longer and be proud that you have made some progress. 

Tips & Advice
  • This will not be easy at first, but with perseverance it can become a very effective binge-avoidance tool.

  • Learn from your past experiences each time use this tool, remembering what worked and what didn't so you can be better prepared next time.

  • Don't let yourself be a victim of "all or nothing thinking", even if you do binge, managing to postpone it is an achievement in itself. 


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great tip

I love the little steps concept. I really need to celebrate my baby steps. Thank you.

Massachusetts2012's picture
Postpone binge

Sound like a good tool cause I'm an all or nothing person.
I ate healthy today but didn't have to go into work till afternoon so I don't eat breakfast till noon.
I have trouble going to bed and getting up.
I'm so exhausted.
Not motivated to pick up or exercise for fear I'll hurt my back and I'm a PT... Crazy...
I really need to push myself but at the same time it's hard enough to go to work hardest time is getting in food at work but I'm making healthy snacks.
I remember years back when I first binged and did not purge.
I felt awful physically but good next day cause I didn't purge.
Last year or rarely I have dreams that I ate a lot but can't find a safe place to purge.
Kind of like a drunk dream...
I'm thankful I'm eating better.
It had been a year or like once in 2 years I would BP.
Happened last week and I'm 53.. Scared me it was premeditated...
That's why I'm here
On line.
One moment at a time...

Hi im new to support group but have struggled for years with food issues

emmalouise's picture
I cant focus

I really want to binge i'm reading these tools and techniques but i just have an urge to go binge..I know that Im improving because before I would have unconsciously started to nibble and then found myself after having raided the kitchen..aah this is the strongest urge to binge I've had in the past few days..I know I'm not hungry because I had a sandwich and a cup of tea a wee while ago,Maybe I'm thirsty.I'll have some water.I know that its strongest now because im on my own in the house and its the usual time I do it.Im not going to do it,I have to teach myself new habits..


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