Thought stopper

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Negative thoughts can swim around your head for days and even weeks creating havoc with the rest of your life and your recovery. 

They are not productive and will not get you anywhere, in fact you are better off without them.

However, shaking them off after years of negative build up can be very difficult.

Try practicing this Stop Busting Tool to put a STOP to negative thoughts for good!


Step 1

Believe in your mental capability to stop negative thoughts as they come into your head.

Step 2

Yell STOP!
When the negative thought comes into your head, yell "STOP!" Out loud, in your mind. It can help to imagine a large stop sign in your mind, use this to block the unhelpful thought.

Step 3

Yell Stop! while making some noise
If you find that shouting STOP! in your mind is not effective enough, yell it while making a little external noise. For example bang or tap the table, blast some music. Many find noise promotes the thoughts to STOP!

Step 4

Once you’ve done this, it’s critical to replace your negative thought with a positive statement and vision. Start to acknowledge which statements cause you to feel threatened, anxious, and which statements allow you to feel success, pride, or happiness.

When you start to stress yourself by thinking that you have no control over a controllable situation, you need to use your inner voice to scream the word “STOP!” Then remember to change tracks and redirect the situation to a more positive direction.

Tips & Advice

Practise the STOP technique daily and track your progress, the more you do it the easier it will get.

You can always use the Thought Buster Tool to really examine those unhelpful thoughts.

In recovery it is important to learn to accept and embrace all thoughts (even those negative ones) but chellenging those thoughts and stopping them from taking over your entire life is equally as important.


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